A Day at Allied

Welcome to a day at Allied! We want to give you a glimpse of what our day-to-day operations look like…A lot of team effort goes into producing your quality print products!

 Our Sales Representatives meet on a weekly basis to share business goals, discuss customer accounts, marketing tactics, deadlines and so much more. They work with our Project Coordinator to translate customer requests into quotes and job approvals, which later move into production. 


The first step in production after a job is approved is our Design Department. Our Graphic Designers often meet with our Sales Representatives to determine a design strategy. If the art is provided for print, our designers double check all the necessary aspects to ensure the art will print accurately and beautifully on press or digitally. 

 Once Pre-Press produces press plates, our skilled Pressmen will mix any ink needed and fill the wells to start printing. Once the press is running at full production speed, our Pressmen go back and forth double checking quality output and color coverage.


After the print is dry, the product will move into Bindery for finishing; such as cutting, folding, booklet-making, UV coating, etc. Our Bindery department is exceptional and capable of so many alterations.

 Once cut to finish size, any orders that require mailing will head to our Mailing Department. Our Mailing Department can order and manage mailing lists, insert multiple pieces into various size envelopes, inkjet address, bundle and sort per Post Office regulations. These capabilities allow us to pass on discounts and savings to our customers. 

 So much more goes on behind the doors at Allied, so if you want to see for yourself, stop by and get a tour of our beautiful facility in Fenton, MI.

Thank you for your trust, patronage and loyalty. We look forward to serving our customers with the utmost customer service and providing professional materials at the most economical pricing.

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Allied in the News!

Shawn Affeldt, head pressman for Allied Media in Fenton, grabs a sample sheet from an edition of “The Voice” they were printing Monday, Aug. 20. He’ll use it to check the print quality through the process.

Magazines surviving, even thriving, in digital age.

Every month, postal workers put copies of Cosmopolitan, People, Men’s Health and more in the mailboxes of millions of Americans. But do Americans still read print magazines?

Print magazines used to be the chosen medium for the public to learn about fashion trends, read in-depth interviews with celebrities, and devour articles about recipes, housekeeping, cooking, cars, guns and more.

In the digital age, the demand for print magazines has decreased, but magazines are still holding strong.

Shawn Affeldt, (right) head pressman for Allied Media in Fenton and pre-press technician, Matt Bradley, discuss a print job.

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, which is comprised of hundreds of print media companies and brand names, overall print circulation dropped 5 percent in the last half of 2017. However, online readership for consumer magazines increased by 37 percent. This could point toward a trend that favors digital media over print.

While Allied Media, a Fenton company that prints 25,000 to 50,000 mailers for numerous companies every month, doesn’t print huge magazines, the company has not experienced a drop in print mailers.

“The hard truth is people want to feel a piece of paper in their hand,” said Production Manager Randall Rockman. “I would not say our numbers are going down. If anything, they’re going up.”

He said the digital world has not hurt them.

“We are still printing. People need print, they need pieces in their mailbox. It’s like a book person. They don’t want to read on a Kindle, they want a real book in their hand,” he said.

Source: Tri-County Times


Allied puts your campaign message in voters mailboxes

You tell us who you want to reach and how often you want to reach them – we’ll do the rest. At Allied, we can handle every aspect of campaign mail fulfillment . We’ll even help you find the right voters to target with your campaign’s mail. If you need a list of potential voters, you can trust Allied to send your mail to the right recipients.

Election Services Include

  • Campaign Mailers
  • Walk/Rack Cards
  • Poll Cards
  • Door Hangers
  • Yard Signs
  • Bumper Stickers  

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Proud to say “Michigan Made”


Customers from all across our great state use Allied for all their printing and mailing needs.

From layout and design, to printing and mailing, we do it all under one roof right here in Michigan. 

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Improve the ROI on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign with Clean Data

One CIO explained managing customer data quality this way: “When I eat I don’t measure the ROI for food. I simply need to eat or I will starve. The same goes for managing customer data quality—we simply need it. If we don’t manage our customer information well, we are starving our company of potential dollars. For some things I don’t need an ROI calculation. The benefits are obvious.”


Inaccurate customer addresses will increase mailing costs and most businesses are not aware of it. The U.S. Postal Service handles and processes billions of incorrectly addressed pieces of mail every year due to wrong customer names and addresses. The mail is either undeliverable or misdirected; which not only costs excess in USPS handling but also in Postage. Another impact of inaccurate data is duplicated data; sending the same piece of mail several times to the same institution. Either to the same person with different name spellings that are incorrect or to several people within the establishment when perhaps a copy or two may suffice.


Through quality data management, hidden costs can be significantly minimized and lead to increased effectiveness and return on marketing investments. Organizations can be assured of having the most up-to-date information on all customers instead of spending more money for less impact.



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Your Campaign Resource Headquarters

Allied is your ultimate political production partner for all of your campaign materials. Our printing is personally accompanied through every step of pre-press, press, bindery and even mailing by our dedicated team. You won’t find a more hands on printing organization than the crew at Allied.
Everything is produced in our state-of-the-art, 30,000 square foot printing facility in Michigan using the latest equipment for printing and finishing. With our high-speed, high-quality digital printing, Allied produces your campaign materials in ways that are both time and cost efficient. Plus, everything is completed from start to finish, under one roof for security.
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