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Union Direct Mail Services

Hot off our presses, and into their hands! That’s the beauty of direct mail mailing with Allied Union Services. We have decades of mail fulfillment experience and we put all of our expertise to work for you when you need effective direct mail services. You tell us who you want to reach and how often you want to reach them – we will do the rest.

At Allied Union Services, we can handle every aspect of direct mail fulfillment – from the design and printing, to sending and tracking. We can even help you build and manage your recipient list for your mail initiative. You can always trust Allied Union Services to send your marketing message to the intended recipients in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Allied Union Services offers a full range of fast and affordable solutions for your direct mail and union mail delivery needs. The team at AUS can assist with designing your mailer, managing the mailing list and offer our knowledge of postal regulations for quick, cost effective communication. We have a proven track record of developing award-winning direct mail and union mail campaigns that get the job done. 

Contact us for personal attention and in-house design at great prices for all your union mail, direct mail marketing and other mail fulfillment. Or visit our online store and customize one of our templates if you want your union mail piece to be even faster and even more affordable. Either way, your union mail will be printed on our Michigan-based presses with our high level of attention to detail.

Stay Connected with your Union Members

Direct mail is great for staying linked to your union members as well as introducing new initiatives. A customized marketing mail fulfillment strategy from Allied Union Services can be very effective for cutting through the clutter and making an impression. Each piece of mail can be personalized for your union when using your own database, or we can help you widen your contact list. Direct mail services from Allied Union Services keeps you connected to people who are interested in your message. At AUS, our mail marketing services are trackable; we give you the knowledge to effectively drive your message to your audience.  

Here are some of our union mail services:

  • In-Plant Postal Pick Up
  • List Cleansing
  • CASS Certifying
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Chesire Labeling
  • Reliable USPS on-site verification

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