Membership Cards


Allied Union Services makes it quick, easy and affordable to provide membership cards to your union members. Your member cards can be printed in full color and display all the information relevant to your union membership. Each card can also be personalized for each member.

Information can include:

  • Name of Union Member
  • Member Work location
  • Union Membership ID number
  • Important Phone Numbers, etc.

Distribute Union Membership Cards

Allied Union Services can help you distribute your membership cards with ease. We can print and mail your custom membership cards via an 8.5” x 11” letter. Union members simply peel the card off the letter or punch it out along perforated lines upon receipt. Customize the letter copy for your mailing and personalize each message with greetings, locations or other variables. Once the customized membership card is printed, it can be folded and inserted into a window envelope so that the member’s name and address shows for easy mailing. 

Once we have the template set up for you, simply call or email orders for new members or replacements. There are no minimums on printing so you don’t have to wait for a large group to make re-ordering economical as you expand your union membership.

The team at Allied Union Services can handle all of your mailing needs, as well as your union printing – so let us take the responsibility for getting member cards to your members successfully and cost effectively.



Call us at 866.505.3000 for custom membership cards