Your Union Publications

Newsletter PublicationsPublications packed with information pertinent to your members is a valuable asset whether it’s sent weekly, monthly or as an annual report. While union newspapers are a great way to share member material, you can also spend a lot less money by sending a smaller union publication or even a flyer. Allied Union Services is a full service, technology-driven newspaper printing and union publication company. We will design, print and distribute your union newspaper and publication using all union-friendly services and resources from our Michigan facility.

We are one of the nation’s top union newspaper printing companies and the newspaper-printing provider for the Tri-County Times, the Midwest’s premier newspaper. Printing and mailing an edition twice weekly, the Michigan Press Association voted the Tri-County Times Newspaper of the Year five times, including 2016. These news printers singled out this publication out of other newspaper printing companies for our reliability, experienced press team and our technology driven publishing and newspaper printing abilities.

Union Publication Printing

Whatever your union publication printing needs, we are dedicated to helping provide you with proven and union-compliant printing, publishing and mailing services. Superior from other union publication printing companies, we have the technology, equipment, and skills to provide you with a wide array of high quality print products that include broadsheet and tabloid newspapers, magazine and digest-size publications, flyers, brochures, political and election material, and every other imaginUnion Print Productsable form of printed communication – printed on the premises in a union-friendly environment. We are the union news and publication printers with the expertise you are looking for.

We stand above other union newspaper’s printing companies with our experience and professionalism. We are a third generation family business of union printers and news printers. Located in southeast Michigan, between Flint and Detroit in Fenton, our roots and our presses are here in Michigan – but our union newspapers and union publication printing and mailing reach is nationwide.

Printing and Distribution Experts

Are you considering a union publication? Contact the team at Allied Union Services and we can discuss every aspect from design to distribution. Proof and edit your union publication before it goes to press, and then we will distribute. We have many abilities and distinctions that most newspaper printing companies do not have – for instance, we are designated a Premier Customer of the USPS and we have an internal Detached Mail Unit (DMU).

30 years of union printing experience

Union printers with 30 years of printing experience are rare in the newspaper printing business. Allied Union Services is proud to have the third generation of our family operation overseeing the presses in our Michigan-based newspaper printing and distribution operation – and all the printing that takes place in our 30,000 square foot printing facility.

Consider trying our free flyer design or brochure design templates online – they are completely customizable, which saves design costs!

Publications packed with information pertinent to your members is an asset