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Stop by, meet the team and put a face to the voice! Call us to ask for a tour of our beautiful facility and learn how your print material is produced!


Meet the team of Allied Union Services - put a face to the voice!


Meet Hailey, she is one of our experienced Media Consultants.  Her charming disposition will help you manage any customized project with remarkable ease. Hailey will certainly exceed your expectations.   
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Meet Jamie, he is one of our knowledgable Media Consultants. He has been helping corporations and union organizations expand their business for more than 25 years. His vast expertise of the print industry will surely cultivate great products for your business and help you save on production cost.
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Meet Duane, he is one of our leading Media Consultants.  He has been advising union trades on how to communicate with their members through print materials for more than twenty-five years. Duane’s extensive printing and mailing experience can give your union, or business, the ability to secure potential clients.
810.417.0724 •


Meet Bryan, he is also one of our resourceful Media Consultants. He has been providing solutions for the needs of his customers for over six years. He knows what it takes for any size company to produce all types of print materials. Bryan can help achieve your company goals.
810.288.3833 •


Meet Mitch, he is one of our adept Media Consultants. Mitch has gleaned his vast knowledge of the print industry through his numerous years of experience providing quality customer care. Call him today to start your next project. 
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Meet Amanda, she is one of our extremely talented Graphic Designers. She’s been creating one-of-a-kind designs for over 10 years. Amanda dedicates herself to producing compelling artwork that is guaranteed to print beautifully. She also pays ardent attention to client provided files to make certain they produce superbly.



Meet Kristi, she is one of our Graphic Designers and designated Word Nerd. She has been with us since 2012 and works fervently in the Adobe Creative Cloud to create endless projects for our vast clientele. Kristi can also help clients with their own files to ensure their art will print beautifully.


Meet Matt, since 1999 he has been our experienced pressman and now our pre-press engineer. His eye for quality assures that each print piece is professionally crafted, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.



Meet Shawn, another skilled pressmen. Since 1999, his dedication and expertise contribute to producing quality print materials. Shawn also has many years of experience working in our mailing department.



Meet Karla, our adept and knowledgable presswoman. With over 20 years experience, her attention to detail and focused work ethic is key to our printing process.



Meet Rob, he has been the head of our bindery department for over 15 years. His keen eye for detail ensures that every printed product is sculpted to perfection before leaving our warehouse. Rob is also our Union Steward and works diligently to safeguard the rights and responsibilities of our brothers and sisters.  


Meet Justin, he is our Internal Postmaster. He has been with us since 2004 and knows all there is to know about mailing. Justin purchases mail lists, monitors postal rates and works closely with the USPS to ensure your mail piece reaches its destination.


Meet Garrett, he’s our Address Engineer. He’s been a part of our team since 2014 and has evolved in the mailing industry. Here in our mailing department, Garrett verifies mail panels and the postal indicia. He also sorts mail and ensures your mail piece reaches its destination.


Meet Jake, he has been extremely helpful in our mailing department and with our delivery services since 2016. His friendly grin greets patrons and suppliers when dropping off client projects or picking up stock. 



Meet Dewey, he’s the newest member of our mailing team. He helps ensure your mail makes it to customer mailboxes. Dewey is very helpful in addressing, bundling and sorting the mail pieces we produce. 



Meet Chris, she has been our Accounting Manager for more than 10 years. She also supervises in Human Resources. Chris will happily answer any questions regarding invoices, charges, employment opportunities and more. 



Meet Bob, he has been our ever so handy IT Mr. Fix it since 2016! His help always comes with a smile and a chuckle. Bob keeps our internal networks in working form so that we can keep jobs on track. 



Meet Randy, the ringleader that has kept the crew all corralled for over 20 years! Randy is the one of the owners of AlliedMedia and keeps the employees motivated on a daily basis with humor, diligence and kinship. Together, we make certain only quality products leave our Fenton-based facility in a timely fashion.


Meet John, he is our Chief Accounting Officer and one of the owners of AlliedMedia for over 20 years. His ardent disposition keeps our payable accounts on track as well as employee paychecks! 

Meet our Team at Allied Union Services