Print More Pay Less!

Print More Pay Less


The reason for this is simple: Overhead. In the print industry, most of the overhead comes from set up, also known as “make-ready” (aside from the obvious costs of power, heat, etc.). Make-ready is the time it takes to set up a printing press, a folder, a saddle-stitcher, a perfect binder, or any other piece of equipment to run your job. Regardless of the length of the run (i.e. number of pieces) it takes the same amount of time to prep a piece of equipment.

Whether it’s washing up the press before your job runs, making sure the ink coverage is accurate across the page, setting up a folder to fold the press sheet at exactly the right spot, or simply loading and unloading large quantities of paper, there is a lot of time that goes into preparing to run a job. Once the printing press, folder, collator or any other equipment we use is set up, running the job is a relatively straightforward process.

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